Albany Aero Club proudly owns a Vans RV-9A Aircraft VH-LPL. Members of the club are able to hire LPL after approval from our nominated instructors. All hours flown can count towards a Commercial License.

Members wishing to hire LPL should download and read carefully the information below. 



1. Conditions of Hire for VH-LPL


2. Important Information for new RV-9A Pilots

3. VH-LPL Pilot Operating Handbook

4. Vizion Autopilot Manual

5. FS-450 Fuel Computer Manual

6. Checklist



Hire Rates


$180 Per Hour - 4 or more hours in a single calendar month, minimum 1 hour per day,  at committees discretion.

$200 Per Hour - Normal rate

Rates include Avgas, oil and Albany Airport landing fees.